The Association

The aims of EMA  

Our principal objective is the promotion and consolidation of cooperation between Germany, the countries belonging to the Euro-Mediterranean partnership and the other Arabic states. Special emphasis is placed upon the following:

  1. Promotion of exchanges between Germany and the partner countries in the area of economy, sciences, culture, education and vocational training.
  2. Promotion of global thinking, of democratic endeavour, the respect of human rights, and activities that support the mutual exchange and peaceful co-existence between the different societies.
  3. Promotion of tolerance in all subjects in the spirit of understanding between the people.
  4. Intensification of socio-political and economic cooperation within the areas of joint development and aid. 

The following measures particularly serve to further the above:

  1. Organisation and realisation of symposia, seminars, congresses, trade fairs and other meetings.
  2. Procurement of competent and expert information about cooperation plans between the countries of destination with the supply of archives, press releases and invitations to tender in the EMA region.
  3. Support and publication of a list of institutions interested in a mutual exchange and cooperation in the EMA region. In the series, articles of talented young scientists are published gratuitously. Furthermore, monographs on EMA topics can receive a printing subsidy.
  4. Development of a public library of Middle-East literature.
  5. Assistance and orientation when dealing with the formalities of EMA-related activities. Arranging expert advice, events and competences for a better understanding of cultural, political and economic conditions.
  6. Organisation of seminaries, conception and arrangement of cultural programs (exhibitions, readings, concerts etc.).
  7. Assistance with at the reduction of language barriers by means of courses and individual backing for people interested in activities of the association.
  8. Mediation of donations and assistances given to charitable projects.
  9. Allocation of financial contributions for gifted pupils and students in need.

Mutual cultural understanding, so important for the realisation of the association’s aims, will receive steadfast and enduring attention.


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