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Furthering economic development cooperation


Meeting with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain

For the planning of the further EMA activities with regard to Bahrain and to prepare her business trip to the Kingdom, Clara Gruitrooy met with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Doyen of the Arab Ambassadors, H.E. Ebrahim Mahmood Ahmed Abdulla.


Happiness, Courage and Power: Women as the key for a successful economy

Happiness, courage and power were the leading topics of the 3. German-Arab Women“s Forum, for which the Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association EMA invited more than a hundred participants from economy, politics and society to Berlin. Leaving the beaten paths, the event encouraged the audience to a change of perspective. 


German-Arab Mentoring programme awarded!

At the 3rd German-Arab Women's forum, the Ouissal program was awarded as "German Landmark" 2016 by the initiative “Germany - Land of Ideas”  and the Deutsche Bank. Clara Gruitrooy, project initiator and Managing Director of the EMA e.V., accepted the award and asked the mentees and mentors from Germany, Morocco and Tunisia to join her on the stage.


1st Saudi-German Forum for Sustainable Business: „Saudi-Arabia is in transition“

High-ranking German and Saudi decision-makers and experts met on the 20th of October in Hamburg and supplied impressive evidence for the change in Saudi-Arabia. What exactly are the insights of Saudi actors about the atmosphere of departure and how can German SMEs benefit from these changes?


Annual Reception of the EMA 2016

„The distinctive feature of the EMA is its strong presence in the Maghreb” says Dr. Andreas Reinicke, German Ambassador in Tunis, in front of 100 participants of the Annual Reception of the EMA. This event at the BMW Foundation in Berlin was honored by the presence of numerous ambassadors along with partners from ministries and associations that took the opportunity to meet, talk and exchange information with the members of the EMA. 


The EMA's Ouissal-Project: A Landmark in the Land of Ideas

The German-Arab mentoring project of the EMA "Ouissal" is among the award recipients of the "Germany - Land of Ideas" competition. The EMA was chosen by a jury from more than 1000 applications and one of the 100 landmarks this year.


The 6th German-Moroccan Economic Forum

Throughout the trip in Morocco, the EMA delegation witnessed the spirit of optimism in the country. As part of this 6th edition of the forum, the participants visited the cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Kenitra and Tangier accompanied by the President of th EMA, Former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, H.E. Christian Wulff.


BMWi business delegation to Egypt and Morocco April 16-19

Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel was traveling with a business delegation to Egypt and Morocco. The delegates, including EMA-Secratery General Dr. Layadi and several members of the EMA, also met with the Egyptian president and ministers discussing economic-poltical matters in the sectors of infrastructure, investment and energy.


Business Delegation: The EMA in the Gulf

In Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates the delegates met government ministers, diplomats, businesspeople, and representatives of economic organizations while at the same time receiving first-hand insights from German companies operating in the two countries. As in the Arab world more than elsewhere personal relations are the key to success, the diverse get-togethers laid the firm foundation for future contacts.


EMA’s New Year Reception

More than 100 partners and members attended the New Year reception hosted by the EMA. In the vibrant city of Hamburg, high-ranking officials from business and politics, science and culture as well as representatives of Arab diplomatic missions were at the Hotel Grand Elysée.